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The Natural and Holistic Fertility Clinic (“NHFC”) was founded in Cardiff in 2011 as a centre of excellence providing fertility, gynaecological and pregnancy treatment, including acupuncture and reflexology, for men and women.

Your acupuncture practitioners, Erik and Lucy are Cardiff based specialists in fertility acupuncture. We work with practitioners from across the Western and Eastern medicine and complementary spectrums, knowing when it may be important to refer. This ensures the right combination of treatments for each patient. We have a good understanding of human physiology and a comprehensive knowledge of western diagnosis and are able to link these to an acupuncture treatment plan for each patient. We are fully insured and are full members of The British Acupuncture Council.

In addition to acupuncture, NHFC combines and integrates a range of therapies including reflexology, dietary advice, and up to date research for improving fertility in a friendly, relaxed and clinically safe environment. The aim is to address the specific needs of each person with an integrated combination of treatments in a caring, calm environment.

Acupuncture or Reflexology?

We get asked this question quite a lot however most patients know which avenue they would like to pursue, both treatments are effective in helping you to relax and better prepare the body for conception. Some patients may have both treatments at the same time (alternate with acupuncture one week/reflexology the next). Its ultimately a personal choice. You could always have a taster session of both and see which you prefer!



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