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EFT Testimonial4

“I am now planning things, rather than avoiding things, which I haven’t felt able to do for many months, and this is probably indicative of the level of success that I’ve achieved – with your help.” Patricia, Barry

EFT Testimonial3

“When I first heard of EFT I was a little sceptical and couldn’t imagine how it could ever help me. However after just one session with Louise my anxiety decreased instantly. I continued having regular tapping sessions with Louise and now my panic attacks have stopped...

EFT Testimonial2

“Louise is a very gifted EFT practitioner. She is warm, intuitive and highly professional. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone in need of help. Very impressed!” Munni, Reading

EFT Testimonial1

“I recently experienced an unexpected traumatic event that brought up a lot of painful issues from my past. Louise helped me tune in to these issues and literally drain this “old poision” out of my system. After my second session I couldn’t believe how different I...