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Constipation Treatment

A very common side-effect of pregnancy, constipation can be really uncomfortable, especially in the later weeks when everything feels sluggish anyway.

Some of the hormones in pregnancy make all the muscles and soft tissue extra flexible, so as to help your body accommodate a growing baby.

A woman’s body needs extra fluid in pregnancy as the amount of blood circulating has increased, and coupled with the hormone effect, this often leads to constipation.

A diet high in fruit and vegetable fibre is very important, as well as certain cereals such as oats.

Constipation Signs and Symptoms

• Passing hard, dark, dry stools
• Not having any sensation to open bowels
• Straining to pass stools
• Pain when passing stools
• Feeling bloated
• Passing fresh blood

What Treatment is Available for Constipation?

Although common, and unlikely to cause any lasting harm, these symptoms need to be checked out by competent practitioner.

If it is simply constipation, then it responds well to a number of actions, and acupuncture is particularly helpful as a treatment.

It may be that constipation remains a problem throughout the pregnancy but, it can be alleviated to minimise the symptoms.

It is possible to take laxatives and aperients in pregnancy but, always buy from a reputable pharmacist and tell them you are pregnant.

A frequent side-effect of constipation, and a common ailment of pregnancy, is haemorrhoids.
They can be alleviated by following the treatments for constipation but, again, they respond well to acupuncture.