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High FSH levels

FSH is one of the key hormones in the menstrual cycle. High FSH levels are generally considered in Western medicine to be an indication of the menopause. The role of FSH is to stimulate the growth and development of the follicles in the first part of the menstrual cycle. FSH should be low at the beginning of the cycle because it is just beginning to rise. If the level is high at this time it means that the ovaries have needed more stimulation to produce follicles for ovulation. Many women with high FSH levels are told that there is nothing that the IVF clinic can do to help them.  Chinese medicine does not always consider high FSH levels to be an indication of the menopause. FSH levels can be affected by the emotional state of the patient and the link between the hypothalamus, the pituitary and the ovaries, which could be the reason why FSH levels fluctuate so much. Treatment with acupuncture and other complementary therapies such as reflexology and EFT may stabilise or even reduce FSH levels to enable IVF treatment to commence or even increase the chance of a natural pregnancy.

“I was devastated when I was told that I would never have children because my FSH levels were indicative of premature ovarian failure and that I wouldn’t even respond to IVF treatment. I started having acupuncture to help me through this terrible phase but after 4 months my FSH levels had come right down and within the next few weeks I was pregnant with a beautiful baby boy. I subsequently went on to have twin boys completely out of the blue. I am sure the acupuncture treatment stabilised my hormones to allow me to conceive naturally on both occasions, thank you so much”, Jo, Cardiff