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Pregnancy Massage

We have two fully qulaified pregancy masseur at the clinic who have now assisted and supported many women during their pregnancies and journey into motherhood.

Massage during pregnancy is incredibly relaxing and calming, not too dissimilar from a regular holistic massage, but it focuses on the special needs of the mum-to-be during this time of enormous change. With more and more research we are discovering how acutely aware babies are of their environment within the womb. Stress and anxiety, not only negative and unhelpful for the mother, can also be directly affecting the unborn child.

You will find massage during this special time can help you connect with your body, your baby and your wisdom and belief in yourself as a woman. Physically, massage can help relieve muscular tension, back ache and hip pain, improve circulation & lymph flow (reducing swelling), correct postural muscle imbalance & weakness and provide relief from the symptoms of sciatica.

Pregnancy Massage is safe to enjoy at any stage of pregnancy. Treatments offer a combination of massage and shiatsu energy techniques either performed on a massage couch, or foam bed and cushions on the floor depending on your comfort. Most of the massage is possible with you lying comfortably on your side. In the later stages of pregnancy, you may also find it more relaxing to ‘forward lean’ over an exercise ball.

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