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Preparing for Birth

Workshops for women and their birth partners

Giving birth is a natural process but there are useful ways in which you can start to prepare yourself for birth, develop your understanding of labour and build confidence in your ability to give birth in a straightforward way.

For most women our first experience of birth will be our own and our feelings about giving birth may have been shaped to some extent by the unrealistic and often negative way in which it is so often depicted in popular culture and the media. There is a lot of factual information available and a certain amount of information can help reduce fears and build confidence.  However, giving birth is a physical rather that a mental activity and what Preparing for Birth sessions offer is the opportunity for you, together with your chosen birth partner, to focus on the physicality of labour.

During workshops we look at the birth process, how you are likely to feel and act and how you can help support what your body is instinctively trying to achieve. You will have the opportunity to practice a range of birth positions, movement, massage and acupressure points, relaxation techniques and breathing all of which can help you cope better and support the natural process of labour.    Birth partners have a very valuable role to play in labour and these sessions help partners get involved in preparing for labour and provide the skills and information to help them participate in and provide active support during the birth.

Preparing for Birth is suitable from around 32 weeks and will complement any other ante-natal classes you are attending.  It is suitable for first time parents, for parents who want focus on their current pregnancy and parents wishing to change a previous experience of birth.  These practical workshops are enjoyable, relaxed, and supportive with a class size small enough to ensure that you receive individual support and attention.  Workshops are held on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings.

My partner used many of the massage techniques shown and we also found that the pressure points on my lower back helped relieve some pain. Along with this I concentrated on my breathing which helped me feel calmer. I found the techniques incredibly useful at the beginning of labour and felt so much calmer than I did having my first baby and think they were the main reason I didn’t need pain relief. These Birth Preparation sessions would help any one! Katie and Daniel

We really learnt a lot from the sessions with you and it prepared us enormously for the “big event”. During labour I was surprised how much the course had benefited us as we practiced several of the ideas you advised. Immie is very grateful that she had the opportunity to come into the world in a natural way. Without your knowledge and enthusiasm that you passed on to us we would not have had such a fab birth. Thank you so much. Emma and David



Two part workshops on Thursday evenings 6.15 till 7.45

14th Jan/28th Jan

25th Feb/10th March

29th April/13th May