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Stomach cramps

Stomach cramps are involuntary muscle contractions in the abdominal area that cause pain. Stomach cramps can be associated with premenstrual pain (period pain), diarrhoea, IBS or be a symptom of many other conditions.

For women who are premenstrual or menstrual, stomach cramps are an associated symptom of their monthly period. Menstrual cramps can typically begin a day before the period and subside two days after. Menstrual cramps can be mild to severe and some women experience both menstrual cramps and premenstrual syndrome (PMS) together however the symptoms are not the same.

Stomach cramps can also occur during pregnancy where the abdominal muscles are put under tremendous strain.

Acupuncture will often reduce the pain and severe cramping that is associated with stomach cramps and gynaecological pain, improving blood flow and reducing clotting. Acupuncture also acts as an analgesic by increasing levels of endorphins in the blood. During treatment we will take into account your full menstrual history, including the length of the cycle, the nature and severity of the pain and the time it occurs.

Changes to your diet may also help reduce some of your symptoms and our nutritionist will be happy to advise you.