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Symphysis Pubis Pain

What is Symphysis Pubis Pain?

The symphysis pubis is the bone at the very front of the pelvis, lying in front of the bladder – it joins up the whole of the pelvic girdle.

In pregnancy, hormones are produced that loosen the joints to allow easier passage of the baby. #

These joints are held in position by powerful and firm ligaments and sometimes their moving is very painful.

Symphysis Pubis Pain Symptoms

From around week 20 many women will experience sharp lower abdominal pains as the pelvis starts to “loosen up”.

Although this is in no way harmful, it must be confirmed by an experienced practitioner that this is just pelvic pain.

There are a few rare occasions where these pains can indicate a more serious problem, such as a urine infection.

In some cases this pain increases as pregnancy progresses, leading to an inability to walk, sit or stand, get in and out of bed or use stairs, and frequently sleep is badly disturbed.

The combination of pain, disability and poor sleep leaves women feeling exhausted and often depressed.

Symphysis Pubis Pain Treatment

Physiotherapy can be very useful. Acupuncture, however, is worth trying as it is an effective way to manage this condition. Some recent studies suggest this to be so but, more detailed research is needed.

During pregnancy your body undergoes a large amount of complex changes in preparation for the growing baby and its delivery. As the pelvis changes in preparation for the birth process, pressure is put on the pelvic joints, which can then cause functional imbalance in the pelvic structures, muscles and ligaments. Each of these changes can place strain and pressure on a number of different areas of the body.  Using gentle adjustments chiropractic can assist to keep the spine in optimum balance which may in turn reduce the instances of back pain. The gentle nature of McTimoney chiropractic may it especially suitable for pregnant women and the whole body approach to treatment will enhance the wellbeing of both mother and baby.  Acupuncture is also an ideal form of treatment for pregnant women as it offers drug-free relief for many problems that can arise during pregnancy including back pain, sciatica and symphysis pubis pain. The use of acupuncture will not only improve your symptoms and quality of life, but may also prevent these conditions from becoming serious enough to warrant medical intervention.

*If you are contemplating acupuncture for SPP it is most important that you consult someone who is experienced in treating this condition. Some of the usual treatment for pelvic pain is not allowed in pregnancy so your practitioner needs to be aware of this. If in doubt, don’t, or contact The Body Clinic for advice.