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I first got in touch with Erik because my husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for about 7 months with no success. I was finding it really difficult emotionally, I was very tearful and was waking up sweating most nights. My cycles were irregular, I was having palpitations and generally was very anxious, preoccupied with getting pregnant.

Within a couple of months of treatment these symptoms started to fade away, I was sleeping better, more emotionally stable and my cycles became regular. After six months of fortnightly acupuncture sessions we finally fell pregnant! Erik was always positive and supportive and had hope even when mine was lacking. He then supported me through the first 12 weeks which I found really reassuring. I can’t thank him enough.


Following a number of miscarriages I decided to use acupuncture to assist me in my desire to have a baby. An acquaintance and a friend had both used acupuncture and had found it to be helpful. I was looking for a practitioner who used traditional Chinese techniques.

I called a number of practitioners. Erik was approachable, empathetic and thorough on the phone and even more so when I met him for my initial assessment.
Almost instantly following my first treatment I started to feel better. Within 3 months I was pregnant and now have a beautiful baby.
I have since used acupuncture with Erik for a few other conditions. I’m a very satisfied customer!


Having experienced a stressful, hormonally challenging and ultimately unsuccessful cycle of IVF I decided to give acupuncture a try to accompany the next IVF attempt. Having now completed the second cycle with embryo transfer last week I can confirm it has been thoroughly beneficial and I can’t recommend it enough! I felt so much more relaxed, level headed and generally calmer throughout the whole process.

Even the discomfort during collection and transfer was minimal and stress-free – it was such an uncomfortable tense experience first time. I reiterate what all other reviewers have said about how professional and likeable Erik is. I certainly love acupuncture. May seem like a strange treatment but it works!


I decided to try Acupuncture to accompany IVF and also help with anxiety, persistent headaches and sleeping problems which I associated to stress from fertility issues. I was feeling anxious about starting acupuncture as I wasn’t sure what to expect, but after my first appointment with Erik I felt completely at ease. He listened to my complaints and seemed to know exactly how I was feeling and how the different fertility medication was also having an effect on me. I felt completely reassured straight away.

I had instant effects from the treatment, initially feeling quite sleepy and very relaxed. The acupuncture points eased my anxiety levels and head/neck tensions which were leading to headaches. Over my weekly appointments my sleep pattern significantly improved also helping me to cope better with daily life. During my IVF treatment I found Erik to be extremely flexible with appointments fitting me in last minute to ensure I received the treatment I required, thus easing my anxiety levels throughout the process. Following the treatment we were thrilled to receive a positive result from the IVF. I would highly recommend acupuncture with Erik and am thankful for his help and support with my treatment.


In August 2014, I was 30 years old and had recently been diagnosed with premature ovarian failure (early menopause). I was having hot flushes, mood swings and my periods had stopped 4 months earlier. I had an FSH level of 58 and I was told I would never have children.

I contacted Erik after Google told me acupuncture could help. When I first met Erik, he spent a good 45 mins or so listening to my symptoms and he put together a treatment plan which he said would help reduce my symptoms and hopefully get my cycle back on track. I was dubious to say the least!

However, within weeks, I began to notice a difference. My mood became more settled and my hot flushes were less frequent. Within about a month, they’d disappeared entirely and so I had another blood test and found that my FSH had dropped.
Between Sept ’14 – Jan ’15, I had several further blood tests. Each time, my FSH dropped again.
In November 2014, my period appeared out of the blue. I have since had a few others, it certainly appears that my cycle is getting back on track. I was  told that this would NEVER happen.

Throughout my treatment, Erik has been consistently sensitive to my needs and positive in his approach. I would urge anyone with similar issues to give him a shot!

Update – since writing the above I
fell pregnant naturally and am expecting twins!!